Crowdsourcing for a new logo!

You might have noticed already I’m slightly better in writing updates than designing logos, since the logo above the Club and above the Forum are my own... Based on a the sunlight reflecting in a pool, I thought it would symbolize clarity (pureness, pureview, you get the idea). And although in a way I guess it does, it’s far from the best logo on the planet, is it?

Now that’s not what I’m looking for (although it would be nice :-). I’m looking for someone willing to design a modern “PureViewClub” logo – I’m dropping the space between PureView and Club at the same time – and for the “PureViewClub Forum”.

But (there’s often a “but”): I don’t have anything to spend on it… I have the blog itself however, so if you are a freelance designer or work for a company, I can offer you a link to your own site or a banner on the club for a month – if that’s something you’d like. Anyway: I’m crowdsourcing for new logo! Would you like to design it? Mail me at marc at I'm looking forward to your reaction!