Birmingham band teasing Nokia 808 clip

From the day I learned about Rich Recording I've been saying that the Nokia 808 PureView wouldn't only be a threat to the music industry but that it would also offer many great new possibilities.

There already is a great website dedicated to all live recordings made with the Nokia 808 - you can see for yourself here - but of course the device offers many possibilities for musicians and bands. Making demo's with Rich Recording for instance, but also shooting videoclips in Full HD. And that is what this band has been doing.

The Midnight Bonfires is - still - a small band from Birmingham, and I've seen some tweets that they were going to record with the Nokia 808 PureView. Now today they are teasing a sneak preview of the result.

Maybe using the Nokia 808 is good for promotion in itself, since I saw that MyNokiaBlog noticed it as well. And maybe one day their fans will shoot video's of their live concerts in a huge stadion, with a future PureView device...

If the video doesn't play in your mobile browser, click here.

Thanks - again - Nikhil!

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