Some shots worth sharing!

At the end of a very busy day I can't leave you alone without posting at least one update with four shots that are not my own. Two of them passed in my timeline today, two of them were sent to me earlier - and I need to apologize to the senders, since I promised to publish them days ago.

I'll first show the ones sent to me. From the same guy that showed us Batman's House at Golden Hour, Richard Spepherd, I received this nice colorful butterfly - there's one more to come in this post by the way.

Richard added: "I took this at Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday.  I went to see (and photograph) some great art & Sculptures by Miro, but by far the best art yesterday was God’s design for this butterfly."

And I got a mail from Sebastien Tranquart, who shot this charming still life at Mahon Plage in France. They both have greay backgrounds I now notice, that is a coincidence.

Than the two shots I saw in my timeline on Twitter. First one by James Burland (also a coincidence I featured a demo video from him this morning as well).

This is at a beach as well, and this picture from a place called Burton Bradstock really makes you want to go and see it once for yourself - the colors are amazing, it looks like some realist painting!

You can find this picture and more from James Burland on Flickr. There he also manages the Nokia 808 PureView Group you are free to join as long as you have the Nokia 808 PureView :-)

And than the second butterfly I promised earlier. This one is... well. See for yourself. I love this picture. Again like a realist painting by the way. A setting you can hardly dream of finding. Perfect composition.

Shot - with the Nokia 808 PureView of course - by Stephen Quin, whose pitures you can see on Flickr as well.

So much for now, hope you'll enoy these shots as much as I did!