Things are about to change. But which?

You may have seen it already on several sites or in countless tweets (including one of me :-), but maybe you haven't and I still have to mention it on this blog anyway: according to Nokia, "things are about to change".

Well, it had better be soon, but now - one week from the Keynote(s) - Nokia is building up the tension... with a short video from a charming girl on a bike. It´s hardly a cliffhanger, but it inspired a lot of thoughts nevertheless.


Being Dutch, I like bikes, I like smiling girls on a bike even more. But what am I supposed to get excited about? Better video stabilisation? This video obviously needs some.

Now this is all about the presentation Nokia will give the 5th of september (I'll be watching, follow me on @pureviewclub if you want to know what's going on there), so I hope this is a metaphore that will offer some more than better video stabilisation.

She's waving her arm, like a dolphin over and under water. Am I seeing things? Does this refer to water? There is more water to be seen, since she biking on a dock. So water seems to be a theme - once more, after the not so very lucky jumping-of-a-burning-platform analogy.

And than: things are about to change for who? For the world that will be promised Windows Phone 8 devices by Nokia? With or without PureView Technology? Bring 'm on! Or are things about to change for Nokia? Will Nokia announce a new Symbian device on September 5th? Or will they (finally) enter the tablet market?

I'm going to loose sleep over this. Help me out here :-)