A few pictures from modern Amsterdam

Yesterday I needed to be in Amsterdam - on business, so to say. But the weather was great and of course I had the Nokia 808 PureView with me, so I was able to make a few pictures that might interest you. They were all taken in the "IJ" region - the lake that starts on the other side of the Central Station of Amsterdam, so the northern part. If you want to know more about it check here.

Now the new Netherlands Film Institute was recently built at the other side of the water, and since it's about watching movies, they conveniently called it Eye Film Institute. And since it's on the border of the IJ, the architect must have thought it a neat idea to make it look like a yaught - and an luxury one at that. That's a long introduction for the next shot, where you will see this gorgeous building in the background.

You might want to check the original (it's a 34MP full resolution version) on Flickr, but here's a crop I took out of it:

The building on the right is not new by the way, however modern it might look: it's the old Shell office in Amsterdam.

In the first picture you saw some bikes already. They are standing on a boat, since Amsterdam hardly has any place for them anymore - people are actually complaining there is hardly room for any other traffic. The bike has become an icon for Holland like the old wooden shoe, so here you go: a whole lot of them packed together.

Moving onward to the East, here is another shot of the Eye Film Institute. It does really look like an oversized supermodern yaught, right?

Next is a the Muziekgebouw, which translates as "the music building", it's where several concerthalls are combined, a center for contemporary music and one for jazz and improvised music. Next to it on the left you can already see the nose of a cruiseship.

And the cruiseship is the Holland America Line that was actually busy boarding. Check the original again, it's a full resolution shot once more.

And as I'm here I might as well show a close up of this impressive sealiner. See some of the early passenger on board.

The last picture I'd like to share with you is another one from this great Center for Contemporary Music. There's a great terrace on the water (you won't get wet when it rains as you can see) and the front of the building is completely constructed with glass panels. A lovely sight I think, although the position of the sun wasn't perfect for this shot.

In this area I could take a lot more pictures, but my time was limited. I will try to go inside the Eye Netherlands Film Institute one day, I think it might make for some interesting shots.

Again, all these pictures are on a seperate set on Flickr. So now you've seen a part of Amsterdam you don't see too much in pictures and documentaries. If you like that better though: months ago (I only had the 808 for a few days) I made a video in the older part of Amsterdam, trying to catch an airliner :-)

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