Sample shots from Samsung Galaxy Camera (updated, comparison)

I'm not going to spend too much time on this blog on the Samsung Galaxy Camera, since although it has 3G/4G capability you can't make phonecalls with it so it's not even a "dumb phone" as far as I'm concerned: different category, no competition for the Nokia 808 PureView - only for other compact camera's out there, because of Android OS an sharing/cloud possibilities.

But now that the Samsung Galaxy Camera is in the news and almost anyone is wondering about whether the camera quality will hold up to that of the Nokia 808 PureView, it's interesting to see the first sample pics. On they have some for you. This is the article, and here is a link to the carroussel with  all sample shots.

Disclaimer: the lighting conditions are far from optimal inside that hall, but I can remember a lot of people really love these kind of conditions to see what a camera is capable of. And I'm convinced that the Nokia 808 with Xenon flash would have come up with better results. Too bad these guys didn't bring one to Berlin :-)

Above is a picture where they shot the Galaxy Camera with another one it seems. Check the original, this is one of the best quality. And of course you will love info like this (cropped from original)

I don't think anyone who owns the Nokia 808 PureView would consider swapping it for the Galaxy Camera. Like I wrote before: interesting in itself, but no competition.

Update: our Indian friends from have some compared some shots from the Galaxy Camera and the Nokia 808 PureView. If that interests you, have a look. I might compare both when I get a testsample, but since the Galaxy Camera is not a phone (smart or dumb), I don't really see the point. It think it is more for sites like to compare it with other compact camera's.

Thanks again, Nikhil!

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