Stunning results Old Poll, New Poll now open!

First of all: thank you for your votes!

I wanted a 1000 votes on the previous poll: Will you buy the Nokia 808 PureView?
It became even a bit more; 1052 people took the trouble to vote!

56% chose No doubt about it!37% preferred to wait and see when the price drops.
Only 4% is not convinced still, and just 3% chose for I don't think so.

Together, that is 93% (!) of the PureViewClub planning to buy a Nokia 808 PureView - be it immediately or after a few months...

Now of course, you only visit this blog when you are interested: chances you want one are a lot bigger. But still, the total percentage is really impressive I think, coming from so many people.

Now this poll has been on the site for quite a while, whereas the next poll is only open until September 5, 14:00 (GMT+1) - that will give me some time to post something about the results before the Keynote will take place.

I guess we all hope for a Windows Phone 8 device with a 41MP camera, PureView Technology, Rich Recording, 4,3 inch Clear Black display, 64GB memory, quad-core, stand-by for at least a week, waterproof and not too expensive :-).

But this is not about what you hope, but about your gut feeling: what do you feel quite sure about Nokia will present next wednesday? This time, you can choose TWO options.

I'm VERY curious as to what you will vote!

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