Rumours and "leaked" pics new Nokia design

If there is one thing the blogosphere is good at, it's creating a big fuzz before important new launches. Sometimes it's just rumours, sometimes carefully worked out pictures, and once in a while someone actually happens to find the real thing in a bar.

I'm not really into spreading rumours, but I'll make an exception for the next two different designs. One I think is  fake (although many will agree it looks attractive) the other might really be the new mid-range Nokia Arrow.

The "probably fake" one looks very modern, but much more like the older Sony Ericsson type of design, or B&O even, and is not at all consistent with the type of design Nokia started with the Nokia N8/E7. That lead to the typical design of Lumia series - I had an interview with   Vice President Industrial Design Stefan Pannenbecker last year, it's in Dutch, but Google will translate the general idea for you.

So no, this is not going to be the new Nokia flagship, I'm feeling quite sure about that.

The next one however looks pretty genuine for a mid-range device. It looks sturdy and attractive. Something you'd like to work with. although I doubt whether it has room for any "PureView"...

What do you think of these pictures, do you agree?

While we are at the subject: you may have read I have a new poll on the right side of this page (above Twitter), where you can make two choices as to what you think will be presented by Nokia next wednesday.

It's open until that day, I'll close it at 14:00 (GMT+1, the Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin timezone), so I have some time to write about the results.

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