Rumours and Leaked pics Part II: are these the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920? (updated once more)

There is no way around this, although the question remains if there is any PureView Technology in the new Lumia's that appear to have leaked just now. Are they genuine? Nobody knows. Do they LOOK genuine? Absolutely.

Here you go, leaked on Twitter via @evleaks, and soon after to be found on The Verge and MyNokiaBlog. This is supposed to be the Lumia 820 I've written about earlier today...

And this would be the Nokia Lumia 920 in three shiny colours as well.

What do you think about these? Has part of the presentation leaked? Still fake?

Update: I suddenly noticed the grey version of the Lumia 920 on the left seems actually shorter than the yellow one next to it. So chances still are that this is a (brilliant) mock-up. Are my eyes deceiving me?

Update 2: This picture of the Lumia 820 is considered to be real and in line with the first picture in this post. Shot in China, published on a Chinese site that has been linked to so much it now has a password. I could live with it if it's real, I like the way it looks. But it doesn't have any PureView, so why am I even writing this? :-)

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