Damian Dinning: "There are many different ways PureView can be blended".

My young follower @ vedhaspatkar persisted I should double-check Damian Dinning's timeline on Twitter and he was right. Damian Dinning is - in case you don't know - Nokia's Lead Program Manager Imaging Experience, and of course he's getting questions about how to get the best out of PureView technology with a smaller than 41MP camerasensor.

Damian's reaction seemed a bit cryptic at first sight, but makes perfect sense in fact: "PureView is a blend of new imaging sw+hw tech 2 create leading performance/capabilities. There r many diff ways this can b applied".

(Translated: Pureview is a blend of new imaging software and hardware technology to create leading performance and capabilities. There are many different ways this can be applied).

This was a reply to a question by @Kishan Gor,  who insisted: "but 41MP allows significant improvement, will 21MP deliver a great performance?". Damian answers: "suggest you read my message again, I said nothing about pixel resolution".

So where does this leave us? At least it seems to contain the message that we can expect PureView technology in an upcoming Nokia Lumia - many say the Lumia 920 (if it's real) will.

Saying there are different ways to apply this "blend of software and hardware" suggests we can hope for the same result using a different kind of blend. Considering the software will only be better, one could argue that a smaller camerasensor (meaning lesser MP) would have a minor negative influence on the result, or even none at all.

Asked about a 21MP sensor however, Damian replies he "said nothing about pixel resolution..." That's true, but that doesn't bring us any further: it doesn't confirm the cameramodule will remain the same (which seems impossible in the design we've seen from the "Lumia 920"), but it doesn't deny that either.

My guess at this moment is that Nokia is confident that PureView technology will lead to as good a result as PureView technology in the current Nokia 808 PureView offers, without using the now epic camerasensor.

If that's correct, it will only mean the "full resolution" pictures will be smaller (if available!). But I'm very curious as to what it will mean for the zooming possibilities of the next Lumia with PureView. Because in Pureview, you zoom in on a part of the sensor. If your resolution is set higher, you have lesser zoom possibility. And that's the same if the original sensor is smaller.

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