Impressive: Nokia 808 PureView Cinemastyle!

I saw just pointed to this very impressive cinemastyle video, shot with the Nokia 808 PureView. It's made by Chris West,  WackedWest on YouTube - and once more I think the quality is absolutely stunning.

I will quote in full what's added to the video on YouTube, since there's a lot of technical explanation that might interest you too.

Remember to choose 1080p for highest quality! This is just a test I made for myself so I could see how a mobilephone could hold up as a cinema camera.

I did a flatpicture profile in the phone by dialing down "contrast, saturation and sharpness" and under exposed some of the scenes to protect highlights. I also used a mattebox, and 4'4 polarizing, and for some of the brighter scenes a 4'4 ND filter 0.9. I later upscaled the fotage in premiere pro too later crop it for 2.35.0 aspect ratio.

I colorcorrected quite heavely caused i think i pushed the contrast a little bit to much so it all looked very flat. Quite impressive latitude for a mobilephone and especially for a sensor that got 41 million pixel to downscale it to 2 million pixel without any moire or aliasing! Better downscaling than the GH 2!

Impressive tech, Nokia! All was shot in 30 fps, then converted to 23,976fps to make a little dreamy slowmotion.

If the video doesn't play in your mobile brower, follow this link.

Via @SirajSoft