Results of the Black Accessories Set Contest

Long story. It started about 1,5 month ago, when I announced the Black Accessories Set Contest. You can see several pics of the set in the link, this is the complete set I got from an acquaintance from Nokia I met through the club earlier this year (during a presentation in the Netherlands).

It's not a lot, it doesn't cost a fortune, but some of these are extremely hard to come by for whatever reason. The theme I chose was "water" and there were a few simple rules you'd have to follow to enter (and I quote from the first post).
- follow  @pureviewclub on Twitter
- retweet the tweet announcing this contest
- send no more than two pictures attached to a mail to pureviewclub at gmail dot com
- getting “pureviewclub” in the shot in some way gives you bonus points
- no editing: no photoshop, picasa or whatever. It has to be as pure as possible
- don’t forget to mention your Twitter handle (the name you use on Twitter) in your mail

Since people were sending in shots until the last day, I extended the contest with two weeks, giving those who had already sent in their work the possibility to send in one more shot. Finally, the contest was closed on september 1st.

Than the sorting out began for me, which kept me busy last Sunday. And I was sorry I had to disqualify some nice shots, since they were admittedly altered using Picasa... I ended up with 20 photographers who sent in 31 shots.  And only a few took the trouble to somehow get the PureViewClub in the picture, although I mentioned it would get you bonus points...

I'm presenting all entries in this video, and you will see the winner(s) at the end. Soon I will put all pictures on my Flickr account as well.

In advance I do want to thank everyone for joining, Nokia for sending the accessories to me. Music in the video is by Kevin MacLeod.


Update The day ended with a weird surprise. It appeared someone else has won the Black Accessories Set. Not Silvestre Revueltas, but Joao Luis C (who many know as @joaoluisc on Twitter) sent in his beach picture, using Silvestre as an alias.

After proving to me (sending me the exact same picture from his own mail account) it's really his picture I chose, I can now congratulate Joao! And thanks for fooling me as well... - I won't change the video if you don't mind :-)

And I'm still waiting to hear from Jay Pangmi!