Unpacking and setting up the Piel Frama case for the Nokia 808 PureView

Amidst all the excitement about tomorrow's Keynote it's high time for a gadget you can actually buy if you'd like to - or win! When I first saw that Piel Frama has designed on of their leather cases for the Nokia 808 PureView, I contacted them to ask if I could receive a review sample. That arrived today, so now I can show and tell you a bit more about this €85 euro case. That's a lot of money, but it's a lot of case as well, carefully packed too. All shots were made with the Nokia 808 PureView, no doubt about that. After taking the first paper away you'll see a small paper with the thoughtful warning you should not keep your creditcard etc close to this case, since there is a magnet inside. Here is the first look at the content of the box. There is the case and - still in plastic here - a device to attach to it, so you can connect the case to your belt. Now all content of the box is unpacked... Impatient as I can be, I wanted to see what the Nokia 808 PureView looks like in the case, without have any device attached to it yet. You just click your Nokia 808 in there, and it's very easy to take it out again as well. You'll see it from both sides - screen up and down. That looks pretty good I must say, but it might not be the most easy solution if you want to be able to make a shot really fast. How do you attach the plastic beltholder? Took me a while to see that you need the iron bull's head to turn the button with the emblem on the case - it's a small screw in fact. Below the small button is loose, and you see the iron knob already waiting impatiently. And here it is tight in the case. Than you can click the beltholder in its place. Here you see it sticking out from under the case with the Nokia 808 in it. Also you can see how the case "holds" the phone. And this is what it looks like when you're holding the complete package. And like this when it's attached to your belt. My belt in this case. But it won´t stay there... Although the quality of this case is very good as we can expect from Piel Frama, for me this is not the ideal way to carry my phone. I'm the jacket wearing kind of person and always have my Nokia 808 PureView inside my jacket. Out of sight and easy to reach at the same time. If you don't wear jackets however (or you have your wallet in there already) and you don't want the Nokia 808 in one of your pockets, this is a handy and safe way to have it  with you however. It's not hard to get it out either, so the fact that the case covers the lens and speaker is not problematic  like with some other cases. And: I'm giving it away. I will think of something funny and let you know on Twitter one day. To be continued! :-)