Damian Dinning tweets about PureView

I thought it would just be one, but Damian Dinning is tweeting a bit more about PureView the day before the much awaited for Keynote will take place in New York. You can see his tweets below:

He seems a bit irritated by all the rumours and everyone telling him what to do - and what not. I can imagine that, but I think people are just worried about a new technology they love so much - and one that has completely stunned the world.

All I can say now and have said before, we can't judge any quality before we've seen the actual result of PureView technology in the Lumia 920 - if that will offer PureView technology as is speculated.

On one hand, I'm quite confident that mr. Dinning and his team will not accept anything less than as brilliant as the result the Nokia 808 PureView offers, on the other hand I can also imagine it's quite impossible to reserve this kind of groundbreaking technology only for 41MP camerasensors.

One more day and we'll know more, although I wonder if we'll get to see some sample shots.