Show your support and use #GoNokia!

I guess we're all Nokia fans deep in our hearts at the PureViewClub. And tomorrow will be a very important day: what will Nokia announce, how will people react, when will the new devices be available, what are the new services Nokia will offer, when can we expect the next update for the current Lumia's, et cetera. Loads of questions, waiting for answers the company's future depends upon.

Now I don't know about you, but my first cellphone was a Nokia (6150). And I'd like my very last smartphone to be one too, to be honest. So for tomorrow - and I tried to push it a bit today already -  I'd like to support Nokia on Twitter, the fastest and one of the most widespread social media out there.

I'm sure everyone has his or her own reasons to hope that Nokia will pull it off. Not only surviving, but also creating a new future and contributing to a solid alternative for iOS and Android, with all Nokia's own unique services, applications and innovations.

So from now on, in my tweets I'll use the hashtag #GoNokia! as often as possible (with or without the exlamation mark, it won't be part of the hashtag anyway). "Go Nokia!", as in "Good luck Nokia!", but also "Choose Nokia!". And of course your Nokia shows you which way to go. So #GoNokia! Simple as that.

I hope you'll like to join in that way of supporting Nokia - maybe we can make it trending even, who knows. Shouldn't be a goal in itself however. I like to think of it as our mantra. #GoNokia!