Nokia introduces the second kind of PureView with the Lumia 920

A day we all could hardly wait for and now, a few hours later, a lot has already been written about the new Nokia Lumia 920 PureView - positive and negative. It´s too late to give you a roundup of all reactions and most likely you have read the bigger part of them by now. I had some time to let it all sink in, and for me the good thing is I could concentrate on only one of both devices that were announced.

After the first leaked pictures it was already clear there would no be no place for the cameramodule used in the Nokia 808 PureView, so no 41MP camerasensor. And although many have expressed their thoughts it wouldn't be "real" PureView if the next device would not at least offer the same camerasensor, Nokia's team nevertheless gave the new Lumia 920 the "PureView" label as well - and with overwhelming confidence I might add.

Two kinds of PureView
And now we have two kinds of PureView: the first that doesn't only provide you with the enormous 34MP or 38MP full resolution results to crop at will (or just brag about), but also with the revolutionary lossless zoom capacity. And from that we have seen many absolutely stunning shots, bringing the smallest of details to us like we're looking at them under a microscope.

But let's face it, in low light conditions, the Nokia 808 PureView really needed the Xenon flash to get the best possible result. And that's where the new PureView comes in, offering a solution for one of the biggest frustrations of mobile photographers: blurry pictures.

Nokia's new PureView technology solves this problem by letting more light in. The aperture is F2.0 and next to that Nokia designed "floating lens technology" for Optimal Image Stabilization. This floating lens technology is realized with miniature springs around the cameramodule. It's like a extremely small steadycam; when you shake, the springs will absorb the movement. By doing so, Nokia claims it will allow 5 to 10 times as much light to reach the 8,7MP sensor.

Here, I will show to demosamples Nokia has shared - this comparison really made me go "wow". The first picture is shot by "the competitor" and show a typical evening or nightshot.

And this is what Nokia claims the Nokia Lumia 920 can achieve.

Another example. Competitor first, obviously flash was used to get some light in.

And the sample shot from the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView.

Of course, this new invention "Optical Image Stabilization" has a tremendous positive impact on making videos as well, as is demonstrated in this video:


Well, if this claim is true (and already The Verge seems happy to have discovered  not just the Lumia 920 was used during this recording) Nokia has managed to solve another major problem in mobile photography. Like the Nokia 808 PureView offered lossless zoom, the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView offers far better lighting and stable videorecording.

About The Verge (because I'm getting questions about it): I really don't care much about it. Commercials are always made to give a fair impression of a product. So to me, this whole thing is totally blown out of proportion. Verge calls it "fraudulent" even. Oh, come on! I've seen other brands having people jump out of a plane with their new smartphone making perfect shots during the fall. Right. 

And yes, I think it's justified to lable this new technology "PureView" as well. Both represent different aspects of a broader concept: to create far better possibilities for mobile photography. Like Damian Dinning tweeted: "it's not the amount of pixels, it's what you do with them. PureView is about blending optics, pixels and image processing in new and different ways to allow you to do things you otherwise cannot."

Of course the dream PureView at this moment would now be a device that would offer both lossless zoom ánd better lighting ánd stable videorecording. But that would no doubt lead to a even bigger device than the current Nokia 808 PureView, which to many is already way too bulky (not to me, needless to say).

What else
Furthermore during the presentation it was made clear that the Nokia Lumia 920 will offer much more imaging applications, that will not only offer much more fun using the camera, but will also add real new dimensions in experiencing your shots. Be it seeing them in 3D or even adding parts of the movement that you recorded in the picture, making it what I'll call a "living picture". During the presentation in the screen of the Lumia 920 I saw imaging apps like Bing vision, CNN iReport, Panorama, Photosynth, Blink, FXSuite and Photostrip.

Another aspect I´d like to mention that will have effect on you making shots with the new Nokia Lumia 920 is the 2000 mAh battery, the heaviest one Nokia has ever put in a smartphone. The dual core Snapdragon S4 processor powers the speed of the display, a gorgeous Pure Motion HD+ display offering ClearBlack technology once more. And this display is curved again, like it was in the Lumia 800, a curve I dearly missed in the Lumia 900.

And I can say the display is gorgeous because I've seen it already, I've had the Lumia 920 in my hands, be it only for a short while - there was only one available during the presentation I attended in Amsterdam. From this evening, I would like to conclude this first article on the Lumia 920 with a few shots I made myself - using the Nokia 808 PureView (a neat thought, one PureView making pictures of the next one).

But not before I say just a few more things about the Lumia 920 in general. First, I'm really impressed with Nokia's new innovations. I love the design and I love what Microsoft is doing with Windows Phone 8 - although as far as I've understood it's the only reason this Lumia 920 is not yet available, because the hardware is ready. I love the fact that now, we can finally make screenshots - a feature that is so incredibly practical you will learn to love it if you don't do so already.

And last but not least (for now): the Lumia 920 offers two extremely important wireless technologies: NFC and Wireless Charging. There's even a JBL speaker that offers both: listen to the music on your Lumia while charging it simultaneously. Oh yes, I have a Nokia 808 PureView, and boy oh boy, do I want this Lumia 920 as well. Bring 'm on, Nokia, bring 'm on.

My shots of the Nokia Lumia 920 and accessories

Here are some pictures of the Nokia Lumia 920, a Bluetooth Monster headset, Wireless charging pad and JBL charging speaker with NFC.

Update: here's the White Paper (PDF) Nokia published. Should have included this last night, xqse me.