The Nokia Lumia 920 shooting in the dark

Here is ome very impressive proof what the Nokia Lumia 920 can do in even very dark conditions. Nokia organized a photo challenge after the presentation in New York. Attendants could put up their own smartphone against the Nokia Lumia 920 in this challenge, to show what it does without using the flash.

You know that with most smartphones, using the flash is something you'd rather not do unless you have no choice. It really looks like the Lumia 920 lives up to the promiss you don't have to. Now you will see some light before the picture is taken, but as is explained in the video, it's only the light for the focus to know the distance between the sensor and the object. I'm really impressed with the results!

If it's not playing on your device try this link to YouTube

I saw this on  WPCentral first, but this video was made an published on YouTube by  WMExperts (no idea if these guys are related).