The real videocomparison with Lumia 920 OIS

We all know by now Nokia didn't actually use the Lumia 920 for the first teaser with the girl on a bike. Some blogsites really went for it like bloodhounds though, trying to blow Nokia to pieces over it and I wonder why. These blogs seem far more happy to have discovered the camera in the mirror than anything else. I can hear them cheer. But why go for the kill afterwards?

It was a teaser, a commercial for crying out loud: we all know that commercials create the best possible picture to get the concept into our heads. It's not like that make-up really makes you look decades younger instantly, right? It's not like that incredible stain remover directly gets all stains out, if at all. It's not like drinking a lot of beer or wodka really makes you feel great, is it? Grow up.

Of course, it would have been way more cool if they used the Lumia 920 itself, but probably it being still in the prototype fase when the teaser was shot, they had to use something else to show what would be possible with the new Lumia 920. And they used the same method with the competitor, so I really don't see the big deal here.

But there is one video where you can actually see the Lumia 920 at work against an unknown competitor (I think it's pretty civilized Nokia is not revealing which other smartphone is used). You can see if for yourself below. And again, I'm impressed with the result (and the colours are better too).