New Poll! Will you switch to Lumia?

The old poll lived only shortly, this one will be up a bit longer: Will you switch to Lumia? I'm really curious what you will vote! This time, you can again vote two options, leaving it open to you to keep loving your current device  as well :-)

The previous poll was no doubt influenced by the leaks of the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920. Here are the results though:

Most guessed for a Lumia with PureView and smaller resolution than 41MP - the question was a bit too specific I now see (I guess wishful thinking made me write 16MP minimum back then ;-).

Quite a lot of you out there chose a Nokia tablet as well, 32% even. And 18% hoped for a new Lumia with the original PureView technology (so the one I have been writing about as well). A surprising amount of 9% thought that the slogan that things are about to change would lead to the return of a Symbian device (more wishful thinking).

That's enough about the old poll. Your choice is needed in the new one! It will be open for quite a while, so if you really need to you can think about it some more. I'll be the first to vote :-)