Nokia Belle Feature Pack II is on it's way!

And we're back with some positive news again! While Nokia is still waiting for Microsoft to get the job done (maybe they could use some of the infamous "reality distortion field") the update for Feature Pack 2 seems to be iminent, since it is now available on Navifirm.

I read so over on Symbian Developpers. This is the one I've been excited about before. Earlier it was said it would be the second week of September, so it looks like Nokia is going to make it for the official roll-out.

Of course you are curious about the changes to expect! There is an update on that as well at Symbian Developpers, you can find it here. The sources they name are DailyMobileForum and  NokiaNesia, so I suggest you go there for further reading as well. Here is what NokiaNesia saw as important changes (and I quote)

  1. New on-screen qwerty keyboard (adopt from Windows Phone qwerty model)
  2. New Lock screen without Unlock Button
  3. New method (Swipe to unlock) to unlock the screen
  4. New Version and New UI Music Player
  5. New Interface for Option (Now with Blue button - Look a like on Meego Harmattan)
  6. New Version Nokia Browser
  7. Some UI Improvement on Nokia Browser

You can find some big screenshots here at LoveMyNokia.
That looks great, but there is one thing I really hope for: a very serious update of photo gallery, enabling it to do what could be done on the Nokia N8: long press and: send, remove, edit, see details, add to album or mark pictures - and see the whole thing in landscape. On of the screenshots in the last link does suppose it's there, but it's not showing the gallery in the background (screenshot from LoveMyNokia)

I will try to keep you posted on this asap! Meanwhile, I suggest you follow @AsrialBaker on Twitter who is writing about the update in his timeline!