Rich Recording in the Nokia Lumia 920? Probably! But when?

Slashgear today brings the news so many people have been wondering - and asking me also - about: will the Nokia Lumia 920 offer Rich Recording? My guess is a definite yes, since Nokia has promised at the MWC in Barcelona to bring this fantastic audio recording capability in all new high-end smartphones after the Nokia 808 PureView. But still, it is not mentioned in the specsheet Nokia published.

Now Slashgear has a very interesting story, from which I quote the following:

"The Lumia 920 does indeed have a trio of the special microphones Nokia co-developed especially for Rich Recording. Those “High Amplitude Audio Capture” microphones can record a significantly broader range of frequencies than standard microphones: up to 140 dB in fact, whereas traditional phone microphones top out at 110 dB. The Lumia 920′s three HAAC microphones are in the correct place for the system to work. The key software specifications apparently match with those of the 808 PureView as well."

Well how about that! Everything is in place, but Rich Recording is not mentioned in the datasheet! This looks a lot like the fact everything for the Optical Image Stabilisation is in place and ready to go, but does not yet work as it should, which I thought yesterday and as was confirmed  today (the Verge team was not allowed to test it).

My guess here is that exactly the same is going on: Microsoft still has an awful lot to do on Windows Phone 8 to have it support everything the Nokia Lumia 920 hardware has to offer. But I'll guess something extra this time: since Rich Recording is not mentioned in the datasheet at all, but it has now been confirmed that the correct microphones are in fact already in place, the Nokia Lumia 920 will launch without the official "Rich Recording" lable, and there will be an update later on.

There simply seem to be too much aspects of the Lumia 920 to cover before the official launch date. Again: this is just me guessing - but I believe I have good reason to: Nokia promissed in Barcelona, the correct microphones (same as used in the Nokia 808 PureView) are in place, and yet Rich Recording is not mentioned in the datasheet. So I think: yes, there will be Rich Recording in the Nokia Lumia 920. But later on.

Is Rich Recording new to you, please read here and to see a lot examples go here. There even is a dedicated website for concerts that were recorded with the Nokia 808 PureView's Rich Recording.