Nokia's Kevin Shields about Future PureView

Over at Engadget, you can read an interview with Nokia's Kevin Shields, who you've probably already seen during the presentation last wednesday. Right after the presentation of the innovations in the Nokia Lumia 920, the guys from Engadget had a very short conversation with him but managed to squeeze an even interesting article out of it. Here, I will only quote the most interesting parts where you can read some hints about the future of PureView technology and devices.

In the 808 the idea was to ship a massive sensor and it introduced the concept of pixel oversampling. Here, the goal is very different. We said 'Hey, let's suspend this entire optical assembly. Getting a sensor the size of the one in the 808 suspended using this approach is going to take some really clever engineering. But, it's a good thing we have some really clever engineers."

Does that mean that the many people hoping for a Lumia PureView with a larger, maybe even 41MP sensor just need to be patient? He more or less suggests so in the next quote, where he in fact confirms what I wrote directly after the announcement: the Nokia Lumia 920 offers no lesser, but  a new kind of PureView.

"PureView really is about our investment in radical camera technologies. The 808 was one of them, the first one, and what we've done with the 920 is a different, radical approach. My message would be: 'Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let go a little bit. We've established a brand that is about the fact that Nokia is a company capable of delivering incredible camera innovation, so we wanted a brand to let you know as the consumer that this is the best that we've got."

As far as I can tell, I'm looking at a bright future for the PureViewClub :-)

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