Flower to the people! (part II) More close-ups with the Nokia 808

Already the 10th of june I shared a lot of what I found in my mother's garden in a post called " Flower to the people!". I was still the first blogger to have the Nokia 808 PureView and it was so much fun to share all those pictures and get all questions from visitors who were practically dying with curiosity about this revolutionary camera smartphone.

Now many more have the Nokia 808 PureView and you must have seen tons of pictures of flowers by now. But these are special to me, of course. My mother is 84 and flowers have been her passion her whole life. She tried to teach me the names of all of them, but I simply have no talent to remember them. So just as in the first post I numbered them. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon, I hope you'll like them - and true, one of them is not a flower.


So much for this afternoon's selection. Yes, there were quite some big spiders in the garden as well, but I didn't want to ruin this post with those pictures :-) If you are curious about all orginal sizes, you can find them in the special  "Flower to the People"  Set on Flickr (you'll find just about all my previously posted flowers there).