Clicking with purpose: Rebranding Africa, with help of the Nokia 808 PureView

It was the first tweet in my timeline I read this morning, and it directly me made me want to share it with you. Not only will you see some really great pictures here, its also done with a very specific purpose: "Rebranding Africa, one click at a time." First I will let you in on what photographer Mwangi Kirubi means by that, and I'm quoting from the site:

"What started as a hobby in 2004 has grown into more than just a career. Today, I realise the wrong perception the Western world has about Africa – the dark, begging continent – is because they are the ones telling the stories. I have a huge part to play in changing how the rest of the world sees Africa through the photos I take. I am rebranding Africa, one click at a time. My photography is more than a means to earn a living… it is God’s purpose for my life… it is my act of worship."

That's what I call a brilliant and ambitious choice for a mission! I'm happy to share it here with you, so go click with a purpose yourself.  UPDATE: I removed the link it since I had a few serious warnings about it containing a virus. I will only share three pictures here (resized to 640 x 360 to fit the page, they're a bit larger on the site itself)

Thank you Mwangi Kirubi, good luck with your true mission and keep me posted!