Apple just dropped the "i" from "Innovation"

I'm still baffled by the slogan Apple chose to promote the iPhone 5. It's quite different from the brilliant "This changes everything. Again" for the iPhone 4. In 2008 Apple said "The first phone to beat the iPhone" when the 3G was announced. This time I really don't get it: "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone". What's that supposed to mean? One could even change it to "Nokia. The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone".

Than the size of the iPhone 5. Years ago, Steve Jobs claimed 3,5 inch was the best size for a smartphone: "“3.5 inch handset size is the “sweet spot” for mobile phone design; big enough to produce detailed, legible graphics, but small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and pocket.” (quote from here).

Now, the Apple website says about the new 4 inch display: "It's not just bigger. It's just right". Sure. Thank you Samsung, they could have added. Moreover, the iPhone 5 has "all-new design". Well, apart from being a bit longer and a bit thinner, I don't see much new design. Not at all, in fact.

Let's concentrate on the camera, since this site is about the best kind of mobile photography's technology: PureView. The innovative kind. Here Apple claims a lot... 'The most popular camera in the world" now has a "new panorama feature". New? New to iPhone, yes. But far from new.

And Apple claims this function "can create one seamless, high-resolution panorama up to 28 megapixels". Mind you: these 28 megapixels have got nothing to do with the camerasensor, in case you didn't get that. A statement like that is kind of hilarious, and hard to believe they would have come up with it without the 41MP in the Nokia 808 PureView.

There's a lot more that seems to be inspired by Nokia, as you can read here: "The Camera app also features improvements including 40 percent faster photo capture, better low-light performance, and improved noise reduction." I even read about "Improved video stabilization". Not a word about how this is achieved: is it hardware, is if software - or is it pure marketing? WHAT new technology is it Apple brags about?

This quote is nice as well " You can even take still photos as you record, so you can capture small moments while shooting a big one". That's a trick I never missed in the Nokia 808 PureView, but we have seen it on several Androids already. And to conclude: with the front facing camera you can make "FaceTime" calls over a cellular connection if Wi-Fi isn’t available. No shit Sherlock, you could do that with the Nokia 6680 back in 2005!

It probably wouldn't irritate me as much if Apple would just try to win the consumers in their fancy stores instead of block the competition in court. The case against Samsung (the billion dollar one, a few miles from Cupertino) is far from over. Meanwhile you see Apple "blatantly copying" a whole range of ideas and features and selling them as their innovations. They are new to iPhone, no doubt about that. But one of these "innovations" is in fact 7 years old (two years before Apple introduced the first iPhone).

Steve Jobs has often been quoted in "good artists copy, great artist steal" - he was proud of it and people liked him for his audacity. But Steve Jobs redefined the complete smartphone industry with the iPhone at the same time. No more.

The Nokia 808 PureView offers more innovation on it's classic, much criticized and even abandoned platform, than Apple showed today in the newest iPhone. It made the Nokia Lumia 920 shine as a very exciting alternative. Apple just dropped the "i" from Innovation. I can't imagine fans and shareholders to be thrilled about that.

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