Nature shots from Nokia 808's homeland

I like to think of the PureViewClub not only as a community for those who are interested in or passionate about PureView technology, but also as a "PureView powered" cameralense on the world, showing us beautiful pictures from parts we normally wouldn't visit or didn't even know about.

You have already seen pictures from quite a lot of countries on this site, and this post is dedicated to pictures I received from Jere Kunjansuu from Turku in Finland, the homeland of the Nokia 808 PureView. Jere  has his own photostream on Flickr, and when I saw that, I asked him for permission to make a small "video" out of a selection of his pictures.

This is what I present to you here: three minutes depicting a sunny day in Finnish nature, from sunrise to sunset. There is no real chronology here of course, I just ordered them in a natural way. Music is by Kevin MacLeod. I really hope you'll like it (please choose 1080p for the best result).