Have a look at the red (and yellow) Lumia 920

It's not a video Nokia published, the source this time is the official Windows Phone Channel on YouTube. You will see Ifi Majid, Nokia’s Head of Product Marketing, Smart Devices in North America, showing the red version of the Nokia Lumia 920. The video shot like in everyday life, quite casual, which makes the Lumia 920 look all the more natural I think.


This video does not however, show anything PureView like how the Optical Image Stabilisation works out. For that, I'd like to show you another short video here, from the same Windows Phone channel. This was published a week ago, shortly after the Nokia announcement in New York, and in this video you will see the red and yellow version (nice if you, like me, can't really make up your mind about the colour :-)

If this doesn't play in your device here is the link to YouTube

via WMPoweruser.com