Lumia 920 is beating the iPhone 5 at (updated once more)

I just got a tip to have a look at the poll over at They write "now that Apple has announced its latest iPhone, it’s time to start comparing the highly anticipated device against its fiercest competition." For this they line up the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the Nokia Lumia 920.

They could have included the HTC One X I guess, or the next Sony Xperia SL, but they didn't. However, they are doing a good job in comparing the specs and looking at all smartphones in a remarkable objective manner - which is quite a relief for an American techblog I must say!

So have a look at that yourself, not in the last place to fill in the poll, which at this moment in time has an extremely surprising result: almost more than HALF of the respondents will choose the Nokia Lumia 920! 51% of almost 24.000 people at this moment! That's showing that it's now Nokia who is making "adent in the universe".

UPDATED pic from 17/9 at 8:30 AM. You can fill in the poll here.

UPDATE 2, 13:05: score grew to 54% for the Nokia Lumia 920 (vs 23% for iPhone 5)

UPDATE 3, 14:47: score grew to 55% for the Nokia Lumia 920 (vs 22% for iPhone 5) (updated picture)

UPDATE 4, sept. 18 17:28: score grew to 58% for the Nokia Lumia 920 (vs 21% for iPhone 5)

UPDATE 5, sept. 20 13:23 score grew to 60% for the Nokia Lumia 920 (vs 19% for iPhone 5) (updated picture)


Thanx for the tip ClixT!