A simple but effective dynamic range tip

Just a short update about a tip I got in the mail, pointing me to  Vineet Radhakrishnan's photostream on Flickr.

Vaneet is a professional photographer from India, if you want to see lots of his pictures you can visit his own site

On Flickr he shared a very nice practical way to avoid "blown highlights". You can read his full story on Flickr, I'll only quote the essence of his tip:

"Always underexpose a bit to ensure your brightest objects still have detail and you will be able to get a decent photo once you edit it in photoshop.

Its a basic rule of photography but probably something many photography enthusiasts who buy the Nokia phone may not know as I've seen tons of such shots with blown highlights on various sites :-)"

Now you don't have to use Photoshop of course, the free Picasa will do fine as well to change the colours or dynamic range of your shots.

I hope Vineet doesn't mind I'm sharing the example on his Flickr stream as well... It's simple, yet effective tips like these that make your use of the Nokia 808 PureView all the more effective - and more fun.