The New Zealand Herald reviews the Nokia 808 PureView that can't be bought

I remember the frustration not being "allowed" to even consider buying the Nokia N9. It would be available in Belgium, but not in the Netherlands - so I had to take a bit longer walk to get one, which I still have and admire. The same is happening in New Zealand (and Australia for that matter): Nokia is not selling the 808 PureView there. So if you live out there and would like to buy one you can't. Tough luck.

I read so in an interesting reaction on my blog about if Nokia is trying to sell the Nokia 808. Michael from New Zealand writes that if he would buy it via import channels (for an "exorbitant price"), he would still have a problem with the warranty, since that is country specific. But, even when it's impossible to buy one, the New Zealand Herald published a review. It is written by a Fin, judging by his name: Juha Saarinen is tech reviewer at the national newspaper.

From that large distance he's making one logical mistake writing: "the Pureview technology will end up in the new Nokia Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 and which are expected to come out any day now. If my experience with the Pureview 808 is anything to go by, Nokia will finally have something to trump everything else in the market."

Well, it's a different kind of PureView as we now know, but it's good to read his enthusiasm for the Nokia 808 PureView. In the review you probably won't find anything you don't already know from this or other sites, but seeing such a long review in the national newspaper of a country where the device itself will not be sold at all, is quite remarkable indeed.

Cheers Michael!