Demo: Cinemagraph on the Nokia Lumia 920

I just returned from Photokina in Cologne, and I spent a lot of time at the Carl Zeiss stand where Nokia was demonstrating the Lumia 920. I spoke to a lot of people from both companies and I've got lots of things to sort out - in pictures and in my mind as well I guess.

But since in my Twitter timeline many were curious about it, I'll just start with the short demonstration of the Cinemagraph Nokia will introduce in the Lumia 920. At first sight, it might look like a gimmick, but I'm sure that as soon as you can fool around with it yourself, it will prove to be a lot of fun really, also because it appears to be quite easy to do.

I didn't test it myself though: it still is impossible to touch the Lumia 920 longer than  a few seconds before someone comes and friendly tells you he or she will demonstrate it for you (and you have no choice but to accept :-)

I was in good hands though, like in this demonstration, done by Juha Alakarhu, Head of Imaging technologies at Nokia whom I met earlier in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. First you will see how simple the Cinemagraph appears to work.

Then, Juha told me to fumble around with one of the many things Carl Zeiss was showing on their stand at Photokina...

It's quite a weird effect and it's making us laugh, but thinking about it, it's obvious too that with Cinemagraph, you are adding a new dimension to your digital picture... movement and thus: time! Something that it a true digital innovation, since of course you won't be able to print this animated gif. And I'm sure it won't be just "fun", but also an interesting means to achieve artistic results.

Asking about how large the file would be, I only got that the exact specifications are still to be decided upon. Of course, it should have a minimum size to be effective, but it can't be too large to share. And as long as Windows Phone 8 isn't ready, I guess the people from the imaging team at Nokia still have time to make up their minds about it :-)

PS - tired yesterday, I wrote "cinematograph". Should be Cinemagraph. Sorry 'bout that.