Low light comparison: Lumia 920 a clear winner

Yesterday at Photokina I made a video where you will see Nokia's Ari Partinen comparing the low light performance of four different smartphone cameras.

Ari is the guy that has been making all those fabulous shots with the Nokia 808 PureView, the ones no different continents Nokia has used to show what was coming beginning of this year. In this comparison you will see the Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 4S, Nokia 808 PureView and the Lumia 920.

Now, with my Nokia 808 PureView I have made a near perfect shot of the famous "dark room" Nokia uses for this demonstration, and I'm quite proud of it (see below). But it took a lot of special settings (high ISO, long timing) to realize it, whereas the Nokia Lumia 920 just does it fast an in automode, without flash. It was really impressive to witness how easy that goes!

One thing though (my bad): at the end of the video you will see my Nokia 808 has a hard time finding the right focus - that is probably because autofocus was on and the lamps at the ceiling mirroring in the several displays are confusing the sensor. Sorry about that, I think the final results are still evident. Enjoy!