Got Nokia City Lens working! Update: First just once, now once more.

As you might know from a previous post, I flashed the "leaked" version of Feature Pack 2 on my Nokia 808 PureView. And only this evening I thought of trying to install Nokia City Lense from Nokia Betalabs on it.

And this time - wow! it worked! See the screenshots below. It worked really fast and smooth even, I really enjoyed seeing it on the Nokia 808 PureView. Too bad it only worked once :-/ But check the update at the bottom of this post :-)

And from the "Famous" menu I always love to see how far I am from all the things I'd love to see. I only have to go 11.802 kilometers before I get to Hawaiian Paradise Park, but I least at know in which direction (eat that, Apple :-)

Anyway, it was fun to see, although it was just once. I have no idea what I should do about it, I know many have Nokia City Lens working on their Nokia 808 PureView, and I've seen it can work. I have it on Lumia, so I'm fine, but tips are appreciated and also useful for others. All I'm getting now on the Nokia 808 - also after restarting the phone - is this screen, that for many will look quite familiar as well...

UPDATE: I'll quote the simple tip shared below by Basel Fares: "just try to disable all internet connection on the phone then open the appĀ then enable internet connection". Worked for me (though only one), and at least for one other Nokia 808 owner. Though it appears not to be steady on my device, I hope it will help you too :-)