Videos: more demonstrations Nokia Lumia 920

On the Photokina, I made some more video's of demonstrations of the Nokia Lumia 920. In this post Kristina Björknäs from Nokia shows the impressive display of the Lumia 920, another demo of using Cinemagraph and a short demonstration showing the effect of Optical Image Stabilisation.

First, Kristina mentions a few of the interesting specifications of the display: supersensitive touch makes it possible to use it even with your gloves on or with your nails - you don't need the skintouch anymore. PureMotion HD+ is a way of overdriving that makes the screen 2,5 times faster than the screens of the competition.

Visibility is enhanced by using ClearBlack technology, sunlight readability enhancement and a high brightness mode, offering up to 600 nits - that means you will easily be able to read the screen outdoors in the sun. Of course, you won't need as much light indoors, and you shouldn't use that much since it will probably take a lot more energy.

Now you might have heard all or some of these specs before, but I think it's nice to see this gorgeous - and curved! - display while she is telling about it. Directly after that she shows how to make a Cinemagraph picture and demonstrates how easy it is. Funny coincidence: in the demo you will see Pino, one of the bloggers at Nokia Conversations, who recently published about Photokina as well :-)

Next is a very short but effective demonstration of OIS, Optical Image Stabilisation, part of the PureView experience on this device.

Hope you enjoyed these videos, they make me really look forward to the Nokia Lumia 920!