Nokia 808 PureView at the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Qualifying Session (Updated!)

It's so nice to share shots here of places or events you would have loved to see or witness yourself. Yesterday someone in my Twitter timeline shared her shots from the qualifying sessions of the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. I will share the three shots  Upt0wngal is most proud of.

I think that from the fairly great distance she did a terrific job with these F1 racing cars (you'll see one from Ferrari, one from Williams and one from McLaren) that drive by at as you know incredible speeds. So it's all about timing, and these results are quite impressive!

Her settings were "creative mode, 8MP, hyperfocal, exposure -1.0, white balance daylight, ISO auto, no ND filter." Of course, she panned when taking the pic. And she wrote she really loves her Nokia 808 PureView. Well, don't we all :-)

UPDATE: new pics, of Force India and Rosberg. After that some nightshots from Singapore.

And to conclude for now: two spectacular nightshots from Singapore, also by upt0wngirl...

Below: the Fullerton Hotel, which used to be a post office, as she writes in her tweet: