iPhone 5 smoked by Lumia 920 in low-light shootout (UPDATE)

Nokiapoweruser pointed me to a tweet from Nokia's Kristina Björknäs, showing the result of the low-light comparison that must be quite famous by now. In this picture you'll see the results from the Nokia Lumia 920 up against the... iPhone 5. You got that right.

It seems quite clear to see which one won, although we can't be sure how strong the backlighting of the Lumia 920 is when the picture of these two phones was taken - in this article you can read that it has a high brightness mode up to "600 nits".

Mind you: I have no reason at all to doubt the result (I've seen a great comparitive test with my own eyes, filmed it, you can see the result for yourself via the link). Therefore, I really believe in the power of Optical Image Stabilisation. But I still can't wait to test the Lumia 920 myself and put it up against every other smartphone I have at my disposal...

Here is Kristina's picture in the  original tweet.

UPDATE: Kristina Björknäs just confirmed she was using auto display mode on the Lumia 920. That means it wasn't preset to a stronger (or maximum) backlight setting. So the iPhone 5 was smoked in this test indeed.