Great shots from the Ganpati Festival in India

In my Twitter timeline I often see links to Flickr from Chani Mehrotra ( @chanimehro), who is extremely pleased with her Nokia 808 PureView and shows her love for the subjects she gets in front of her lens. I've been thinking about why I like her pictures so much...

I think it's because she's making shots I wouldn't think of, and because her shots are depicting real life in India. They don't seem to be "composed", Chani appears to be less interested in nice bokeh effects, but to have a strong social interest in the people around her. She captures the colourful moments like a journalist. You can see them in this  set on Flickr where she is compiling shots from the Ganpati Festival that is taking place in Maharashtra at this moment.

She wrote: "India is full of such images when there's a festival, and this one is 11 days long..." When I asked what her background is, she replied: "I'm from a small town, now living in Mumbai. The disparity of various sections of society in Mumbai is apparent, and it's very easy in this city to lose one's roots. Having studied in an English medium school, I sometimes feel 'lost' in my own country :)". Maybe that's the reason she's trying to capture all aspects of this incredibly rich culture.

Here's my selection of five from her shots, like I said you find more on Flickr.

Chatting with her on Twitter about her pictures, I learned today is her birthday - and she wrote "the world this phone is opening up for me is the real birthday gift :)". Happy birthday Chani!