First low-light shots of the Nokia Lumia 920 plus a very useful comparison!

Why am I so excited about all this? Because this is the "New PureView". Not about the giant sensor, lossless zoom and incredible macro shots, but about much better low-light performance and stable video results.

Again on Engadget today they published a lot of nightshots taken with the Nokia Lumia 920 - have a look for yourself via the link.

Next to that they published shots made with the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia 808 PureView, the iPhone 5, the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. All smartphones were set on auto shooting mode to get the fairest comparison. I'm sure they don't mind me borrowing those shots from their publication.

I'll go from dark to light this time... In the left bottom corner, you will see a 100% crop from the portrait in the picture. In the right bottom corner you'll see which device took the picture.

Suprisingly, the automode of the Nokia 808 PureView makes the lightest picture, but - to be honest - not the best. No doubt the Nokia Lumia 920 wins first prize here. The iPhone 5 is not too bad, rest is hardly usable.

Of course you can get much better results from the Nokia 808 PureView if you can work with the settings. Here you can see and hear an explanation how these shots were made: all on auto settings, without a tripod and no flash, of course.

I must admit: I'm very impressed with the results! Don't forget to have a look at the nightshots published on Engadget as well. Feel free to share you thoughts about it below! And of course: if you have Twitter, follow @PureViewClub