New Poll: which colour Lumia 920 do you prefer?

First things first: the previous poll at the PureViewClub I asked you if you would "switch to lumia" - or not.

A lot of visitors appeared to be happy with their current Nokia device - 64% to be precise. Coming from visitors of this site, it's likely they're happy with their Nokia 808 PureView or still waiting to get one and therefore chose not to "switch".

Still, 33% chose "definetely, I'm convinced!". Only 10% said they would stay with Android or iOS. Close to that percentage (9%) said they already had WP7 but would upgrade to WP8 for sure.

Also interesting, only 2 votes (good for 0%...) said they would stick with WP7. I think that's also a positive signal for the new Lumia on Windows Phone 8.

You will find the next poll on the right side of the page.

When you actually think about getting the Nokia Lumia 920, asap or somewhere next year, what colour will you choose? I'm having a pretty hard time choosing one.

First I totally fell for the Lamborghini kind of yellow, but the grey one seems pretty interesting too (but it looks like it will be harder to get), and Nokia has already hinted even a cyan one will be available...

Thank you @nok4us for thinking of this poll! :-)