Janelle Monáe: I want you back, recorded with the Nokia 808 PureView

I'm not sure if you know Janelle Monáe where you live, but she is a Grammy Award winning singer who already passed the "rising star" status in the US and Europe long ago. She has incredible energy and I like her songs a lot - if you don't know her, here's my suggestion to watch this clip from her electrifying song Tightrope.

Anyway, whether you do or don't know her, she was performing at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on September 25, with quite a big orchestra even. That was during Social Media Week LA, to celebrate the launch of Nokia Music and its extensive free playlists. I wasn't there (alas) but  Al Pavangkanan was and - lucky for us - he brought his Nokia 808 PureView to record it.

From his recordings I will just share one, her version of I want you back, the the 1969 breakthrough single of The Jackson Five. I found this video thanks to a tweet from @EasycapExpertti, who has an amazing site with concert recordings made with the Nokia 808 PureView: Nokia808Recordings, loaded with what we used to call "bootlegs" in the ancient days :-)

Link to YouTube