A lively street scene from a Mumbai evening

A few days ago I showed some shots from  @chanimehro who witnessed the Ganpati Festival in Maharashtra with her Nokia 808 PureView. Just this evening, she shared a video on YouTube from a lively street scene in Mumbai (with a very enthusiastic drumband), where they are celebrating the same Ganpati festival.

It's a remarkably steady video for a busy scene like this, and I like the atmosphere very much - it's obviously quite warm in the Mumbai late evening and the people are having a great  time at the festival. Wait for the young drumband to arrive, it's great to see how they are inspired by the camera.

And look at the quality of the colours under these low-light circumstances - and of course, Rich Recording is once more amazing in capturing the sound, also from the drumband passing at so close range. Again, the video is in Full HD, so choose 1080p if your connection allows you to. Enjoy!