Creating a new logo for the PureViewClub

Remember I've been crowdsourcing for a new logo? Well, it paid off: Bharadwaj Chandramouli from India ( @bharadc23 on Twitter) volunteered to make a new logo and I'm extremely pleased with the result!

I'd like to share a bit about the background. I wanted to do something with the new colours of the Nokia Lumia 920. In a detail of one officially released picture of them, you can see almost all colours next to each other.

I liked that a lot, since it gave much more room to play with than the classic black and white of the Nokia 808 PureView (and yes, there's a red 808 as well, but I never saw it in real life and some people are still looking for it :-)

Of course only the bright yellow was missing, but that isn't hard to add. I showed Bharadwaj this as a second thought I had, using some sort of yellow as font colour.

And than, in a flash of inspiration - I'm sure about that, since this was all done within no more than an hour! - Bharadwaj saw the possibility to integrate the way Nokia has designed the camera in the Lumia 920 (and the Lumia 900, 800 ánd N9).

Not exactly the same of course (the "lense" is on the left) but enough to make you recognize it immediately. There even is a subtle metallic effect in the middle. I fell in love with it instantly.

Now people have asked me why we didn't use anything to remind us more specifically of the Nokia 808 Pureview. Well, I guess it's too complicated to combine two so extremely different designs in one logo. It's not in any way that I would be getting less interested in the start of PureView technology. On the contrary, I might add: the Nokia 808 really never ceases to amaze me.

I would like to thank everyone who has sent in design(s) for a PureViewClub logo, I've really appreciated every effort! And I would like to thank Bharadwaj again, of course, and my colleague Peter for changing the colours of the site in a way that fit the new logo best. I think this new look  will be able to stand out in the crowd for a long time!