Finally!! Nokia 808 Feature Pack 2 is rolling out

This post will cause excitement ánd frustration, no doubt. The update we have all been waiting for so long has been made available by Nokia.

You can install it on you Nokia 808 OTA ("over the air", via WiFi preferably), or using Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Software Updater. If you can't seem to get Nokia PC Suite working on your PC, there is an installation file on your very own Nokia 808 (if you didn't delete it that is).

UPDATE: a very effective way to update is to "dial" *#0000# on your phone, choose the menufunction on the right bottom corner and "check for updates". Worked for me :-)

The frustrating part will be waiting for it. In some countries it already released, other countries take days, weeks or even months I know from experience.

Thank you @ShawtBway for more or less waking me up with this great news, and I borrowed the picture from SymbianTweet.

Enjoy your update when you got it, let all readers know when you got it and what you think of it below :-)