Feature Pack 2 is a disappointment to some

Just a short update to inform you that Feature Pack 2 on the Nokia 808 seems to become somewhat of a disappointment to some users. I'm getting quite some complaints about:
- the Nokia Store not working anymore;
- Nokia Music not streaming anymore
- no Flash support and
- no Video Pro app as was promised with Feature Pack 2.

I can only share my own experience: I have no problems with the Nokia Store, it opens as usual.
In my country, Nokia Music could never stream music (but I can use Lumia for that).
I've never enjoyed Flash support on Feature Pack 1 in the first place: could not play video's embedded on this site for instance. I hear others have no problems with it, though, not on Feature Pack 2.
Video Pro is a confusing story: I especially read from sources in India that Video Pro was not installed as Nokia had promised, but I just read the same from a reader from Belgium. I've got in installed now, still have to work with it to let you know what it does.

I have no explanation for all this. On NaviFirm, I can see there are different versions of the Nokia 808 PureView: 113.10.1506 and 113.10.1507. My Nokia 808 is on the last version - but I really don't know what that actually means. When you check *#0000#, you will see your software version. My guess (and nothing more than that!) at this moment is that versions on 113.1015.06 (or even earlier versions starting with 112 maybe get a different update.

If there is anyone - be it from Nokia or outside - who can shed a light on all these issues, please do not hesitate to react on this post - thank you!

UPDATE: indeed, as someone in the reactions below has pointed out, the update has been pulled (once more) by Nokia. See their statement. Thank you André Leme for your reaction.