Nokia piling up frustrations with Feature Pack 2

It seems that Nokia is piling up frustrations with Feature Pack 2. Maybe we shouldn't complain - all these updates are free and I've always learned you shouldn't complain about what is given to you. But still. First the update now more than a month ago,  pulled in no-time. Than the long wait for the reissue, which arrived this morning - rejoice!

And now Feature Pack 2 appears to be pulled once more. There were "some issues" that made Nokia decide to take the update files off the  servers " until we have investigated the case" (link goes to Nokia Support Discussions Forum). Also, on Nokia Conversations you will read an update on the matter: "We have encountered some technical difficulties in delivering the update, and are currently investigating the issue. We will continue delivering the software update as soon as possible."

It doesn't say which "issues" but I have gathered a few of them in my previous post. Of course, this must be extremely frustrating for Nokia as well, not being able to get it right even the second time. Personally, I'm not experiencing disadvantages of updating my 808 PureView - I even got Video Pro (still don't know what it can do). But for others, not being able to use the Nokia Store or Nokia Music is of course irritating - especially since there is no way back to Feature Pack 1.

Well, it is like it is. Let's hope Nokia will be able to roll out another update soon. One comfort can be that with your Nokia 808 PureView, you can still make the very best pictures and video's. Like this one I was tipped about twice: filmed cinema style in Soca Valley. No, it has got nothing to do with Feature Pack 2, but it might take your mind of your frustration for a bit :-) Choose 1080p if your connection is fast enough.

PS it might be worth mentioning some people are very pleased with the update already, even when it's not complete yet. I'm one of them, but I've seen much more positive reactions. Doesn't hurt to remark that as well I guess.