Nokia rumoured to sell its HQ - to rent it back

Just a short update - although it's about Nokia in general, PureView is very Nokia, so I'm following the company closely as well.

WPCentral just posted a story on Nokia planning to sell its HeadQuarters for an estimated €200-€300 million. That looks like a drastic measure to buy just about half a year of extra time (Nokia is spending much more than it earns at the moment), but it's not about selling and leaving the building. It's about selling it and renting it back.

WPcentral points that out, writing: "As a business re-organizes the retention of costly properties needs to be put on the table for reconsideration and in fact, leasing of the property could be an option. That means the company won't necessarily move, they'll just be renters instead of owners.".

Google Translate helped me out so I can quote from the Finnish newspaper as well:

"Investigations have involved a possible sale of the head office., However, we do not have any plans to move the headquarters of the rest," said Economic and Financial Officer Timo Ihamuotila. Several large companies have in recent years been selling their properties because of their maintenance and ownership of the companies are not their main business."

via wpcentral