Battersea Power Station by Nokia 808 PureView

I'll let you in on a little secret (hush, hush). The first time I was on a tour in London, I laid my eyes on a building I knew all too well from the album Animals by Pink Floyd. To me, it has always looked like some horrifying, Kafka-like building from an unpleasant science fiction movie.

But I never actually knew it really existed... In London. So my heart stopped beating for a minute when suddenly it was there! Bettersea Power Station. The Real Thing. Bigger than life, even. My jaw dropped. Like serious, this time.

I had a bit of  similar feeling when I saw this message in my timeline yesterday. The tweet by @PaulWaby said: "handheld, manual ISO, 5mp pureview, love this phone, even without fp2". And than a link leading to this picture...

Good thing you don't need FP2 to shoot results like this :-) Here's the original