More brilliant shots with the Nokia 808 PureView

It's been a hectic week at work, so not much time for updating. Yesterday I found a few brilliant shots in my Twitter timeline I can't resist to share in a post. These are resized version, you will find a link to the sources directly below.

First, I'd like to share this Eye mirror, picture by Abdul Rehman.

You can find it in several formats on his Flickr page. I have to be fair though, we have seen a similar effect in one of David Detko's fantastic pictures (links to the colour version on 500px, I advise you to have a look at all his pictures).

The timestamp on Rehman's picture is a bit strange (january fist) but I have no reason to doubt is was shot with the Nokia 808 PureView (and I suggest to have a look at his photostream on Flickr as well)

Next up is this cropped close-up of drops on a leaf shared by Alejandro Addier.

You will find the full-resolution here.

Then there is this absolutely brilliant panorama by  from 5 pictures shot with the Nokia 808 PureView, stitched together using Photoshop.

Here is the original post, and you can jump to the fullsize result here. Don't forget to check both, it's worth it!

Last up is a gorgeos red heart-shaped lock on a bridge, shot by @Grimtech, who asked what it was supposed to mean. I replied it was a symbol of love, and @moaskefoto added "It's from an Italian romantic movie where the lovers did this to seal their eternal love".

Intruiged by this, I looked into the story a bit more (Google is my friend, too :-) and found in fact it started with an Italian novel - much more pics in the link, describing how bridges can sometimes hardly carry the weight of those "romantic padlocks").

Anyway: here someone started this modern tradition on a new bridge somewhere it seems. I wonder where.

Original size is here

So that's all for now, hope you like these shots as much as I did finding them in my timeline. I do retweet shots like these as well, so don't hesitate to follow me on Twitter: @PureViewClub