The cyan Nokia Lumia 920 up close

Just a short update about a video I just saw in @MarkGuim's timeline. For TheNokiaBlog he attended an AT&T event in New York city where the cyan Lumia 920 was shown as well - this long anticipated colour will be available to AT&T exclusively at launch in the US. Also in this video, you will see a demonstration of Optical Image Stabilisation, so there is some interesting "PureView" in this post as well.

Meanwhile, you can still share what your preferred colour would be in the poll on the right of this site. I must say... I'm really tempted, after I first thought I would prefer the yellow version of the Lumia 920. Much to my surprise, at this moment the classic black version has received the most votes, closely followed by the yellow one. Cyan even has the least amount of votes! Maybe this video from Mark will change that?