No Nokia PureView news in days...

News is slow if you're looking for anything about Nokia PureView lately. The Nokia Lumia 920 has been announced more than a month ago. There has been a lot of excitement about it and sometimes even more commotion surrounding  it.

Latest news was the not completely unexpected cyan version of the Lumia 920, which will be available on AT&T in the US - I can only hope it will reach other markets as well.

But apart from that not so very exciting announcement (another colour, wow) there has been not much I could dig up about Nokia PureView. Yes, I've read the Nokia 808 PureView finally reached Nigeria. That's good in itself, but that's it.

The PureViewClub has a new logo, did you notice?

What's next, Symbian news? Today an update has been made available for Nokia Music on Symbian/Nokia Belle. In some countries you now have Mix Radio, in other countries you don't. People are still waiting for the official update of Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 - maybe it's final the next time, you never know these days.

Nokia news in general? Nokia has announced the Lumia 810, a new Windows Phone 8 which came out of nowhere. T-Mobile will offer in the US. But it doesn't offer PureView. The Nokia Atlas @evleaks has leaked today doesn't either for sure. Now what.

I'd love to bring you PureView news. Like: the Nokia Lumia 920 up for order on Amazon in whatever country - I don't care. The Nokia Lumia 920 for sale anywhere. People lining up to be the first to get it.

A new colour of the Nokia 808 PureView (cyan, preferably). I'd even like to see @evleaks leak pictures from the next Nokia device offering PureView. I scan the web, I follow every important blog in the world. It's simply not there.

I really wonder how far Nokia thinks it can stretch the attention span. Competition is a bit different now than back in the old days. People are losing their patience - they might start losing their interest if this takes much longer.

Nokia, are you reading this? The only thing new about PureView in this post is the picture.

What are you waiting for?